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Simple tool to list the people you follow on Mastodon that no longer are active.

Current usage:

Find people that no longer are active in your Mastodon follow list.

Usage: jacanaoesta [OPTIONS] <instance>


  -k, --api-key      Ask for API key
  -d, --days <days>  Days since last status to consider inactive [default: 180]
  -h, --help         Print help information
  -V, --version      Print version information

Expected output:

Paste API Key here:
Found 171 users. Checking...
veracrypt (https://mastodon.social/@veracrypt) seems to be inactive
fsf (https://status.fsf.org/fsf) seems to be inactive
gnome (https://quitter.no/gnome) seems to be inactive
38 of them seem to be inactive for at least 180 days

The api-key needs read:accounts scope.

Build from source

  1. Clone repository
  2. Run cargo build --release
  3. Find the binary in ./targets/release/jacanaoesta

For development purposes cargo run should be enough.